Feb. 14th, 2012

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Bidding is live until 11:30pm EST February 21

No more artist/author/vidder/podfic reader/crafter/etc. offers will be accepted for this auction. Any offers that are added to the auction after this time will be deleted. (Sorry, there's got to be an end to this thing sometime...)

After bids are closed please give me 24 hours to go through the community and notify high bidders of their wins and the amounts. After that time bidders are responsible for making their donation to Planned Parenthood and providing their information to the recipients of their winning bids. If you win more than one item please just add up all of your winning bids and donate that total amount to the charity rather than several small ones. (The charity receives more money this way.) Once the author/vidder/etc receives the confirmation of donation, please comment back on the post letting me know so that I can keep track of who has/has not donated.

If you have any questions about auction procedures, please ask here.
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Here's a quick links auction post with all of the offers in this current Planned Parenthood auction!

Fan Art/Graphics/Mix Offers
Fanfic Offers
Handmade Offers
Misc Offers
Podfic Offers
Vidding Offers


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