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1. Thanks so much to all of our bidders and creators for all of their hard work and generosity of time and money. We've donated $3,321.37 thus far!
2. I'm still waiting on quite a few confirmations. If you've already sent in your donation but don't see your name in the following list, please contact me privately and I'll confirm your donation.
3. I'll be out of town for the next several days so if it takes me some time to respond to you or update your bid please be patient.
4. I sent out messages for Art/Graphics, Fanfic, and Handmade items to check on donation confirmations. If your account doesn't allow for private messaging I left a comment on the bid. I'll go through the other posts some time this week. If you want to make a preemptive strike you can email me your donation confirmation and I'll update the list. (ceem.fandom at gmail)

Bidder Paid/Partial Confirmation
afullmargin Partial
amathela Partial
angelus2hot Paid
angualupin Paid
aphrodite_mine Paid
bdr28 Paid
beetiger Paid
blindmadness Partial
cannedebonbon Paid
catnamedbuffy.livejournal.com Paid
cee_m Paid
celli Paid
colls Paid
darchildre Paid
darke_wulf Paid
deejay Paid
dema69 Partial
dorothy1901 Paid
eagle-of-idiocy.livejournal.com Paid
echo-fangirl.livejournal.com Paid
egli Paid
elemgi Paid
embroiderama Paid
fahrbotdrusilla Paid
fierceturtle Paid
fiercelynormal Paid
giandujakiss Paid
giandujakiss Paid
harper-m.livejournal.com Paid
impatient-dream.livejournal.com Paid
jackiekjono Paid
jetpack_monkey Paid
joking Paid
jona Paid
laurashapiro Paid
lil_jei Paid
lizbetann.livejournal.com Paid
lone_lilly Paid
lucifuge5 Paid
lunar-art.livejournal.com Paid
lunasky3 Paid
malana Paid
mammothluv Paid
marginaliana Paid
metaphasia Paid
mizzyfreak7 Paid
moluren.livejournal.com Paid
orbiting_saturn Paid
pegunicent Paid
redcirce Paid
redcirce Paid
redcirce Partial
rivkat Paid
scintilla10 Paid
serrico Paid
sesh_khem Partial
sleepygoof8784.livejournal.com Paid
strangeallure.livejournal.com Paid
sweetestdrain Paid
syrenslure Paid
tassosss Paid
tebtosca Paid
the_rant_girl Paid
tsuki_no_bara Paid
wallflowering Paid
wendelah1 Paid
wildwinterwitch.livejournal.com Paid
yamx Paid


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