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Thus far we've collected $2,627.37 (+/- for people who have added extra donations on their own) for Planned Parenthood and people are still sending in confirmations and donations. Bidders make sure to check in with your winning bids and forward them the confirmation. There are still 47 of you who I haven't heard from or your winning bids haven't contacted me to let me know that you've donated. If you have a circumstance that's going to make it impossible for you to donate or be an extended period of time, please contact me.

Updated confirmations as of right now.

Bidder Paid/Partial Confirmation
afullmargin Partial Payment
amathela Partial Payment
angelus2hot Paid
aphrodite_mine Paid
bdr28 Paid
beetiger Paid
blindmadness Partial Payment
cannedebonbon Paid
cee_m Paid
celli Paid
colls Partial Payment
darke_wulf Paid
deejay Paid
dema69 Partial Payment
eagle-of-idiocy.livejournal.com Paid
echo-fangirl.livejournal.com Paid
egli Paid
elemgi Paid
fahrbotdrusilla Paid
fierceturtle Paid
giandujakiss Partial Payment
harper-m.livejournal.com Paid
impatient-dream.livejournal.com Paid
jackiekjono Paid
jetpack_monkey Paid
joking Paid
jona Paid
laurashapiro Paid
lil_jei Paid
lizbetann.livejournal.com Paid
lone_lilly Paid
lucifuge5 Paid
malana Paid
mammothluv Paid
metaphasia Partial Payment
moluren.livejournal.com Partial Payment
orbiting_saturn Paid
pegunicent Paid
redcirce Partial Payment
rivkat Paid
scintilla10 Paid
serrico Paid
sesh_khem Partial Payment
sleepygoof8784.livejournal.com Paid
sweetestdrain Paid
syrenslure Paid
tebtosca Paid
the_rant_girl Paid
tsuki_no_bara Paid
wallflowering Paid
wendelah1 Paid
wildwinterwitch.livejournal.com Paid
yamx Paid

If you believe this to be in error please comment here, private message me, or email me at ceem.fandom at gmail

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