Feb. 23rd, 2012

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If you're not sure how many items you've won or how much you owe exactly I have a handy spreadsheet for just that purpose. You can reply here, DM me, or email me at ceem.fandom at gmail and I'll send you your bidding summary.

I can't believe you guys! You are so freakin' awesome.

We have a grand total of promised bids amounting to a total of


Thanks so much to the people who have already submitted your donations. (y'all are QUICK!)
bdr28, cannedebonbon, eagle-of-idiocy.livejournal.com, fahrbotdrusilla, harper-m.livejournal.com, orbiting_saturn, tebtosca, the_rant_girl

If you're not on that list, I don't have anything from the person you bid on.

For those who aren't sure how the bidding process goes.

1. All winning bidders should already have been notified of their wins.
2. Bidders are responsible for making their donation to Planned Parenthood and providing their information to the recipients of their winning bids. If you win more than one item please just add up all of your winning bids and donate that total amount to the charity rather than several small ones. (The charity receives more money this way.)
3. Once the author/vidder/etc receives the confirmation of donation from the bidder, the author/vidder/etc needs to comment back on the offering post.

Easy peasy. If you have questions, let me know.

EDIT: Apparently some of you are having issues donating. This from a fellow bidder: "...credit card fraudsters often make small donations to charitable organizations first to check if a credit card works, so under a certain amount, they routinely decline the payment and check back with the card owner first." So check with your credit card to make sure they know it is you if you're having troubles.


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