Feb. 12th, 2012

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...or how I'm going to be like a politician and go back on a promise.

It has come to my attention from private emails and public comments that many of you are upset about donations going to organizations OTHER than Planned Parenthood after the auction was explicitly advertised as being to benefit this charity. I apologize. I was so excited to get this going and so wanting to have money going toward this charity that I didn't think about it when international donors requested the ability to donate to organizations in their country of choice.

This auction was absolutely started as a response to the Susan G. Komen announcement where the charity pulled its support of Planned Parenthood. This pulled a huge chunk of Planned Parenthood's budget and endangered women who would not have been able to otherwise afford breast exams and other care. I should have taken that into account when answering questions about donating to other organizations.

So here's the lowdown. This round is EXPLICITLY going toward Planned Parenthood. I apologize to anyone who offered items based on my saying that you could accept donations to international organizations. Feel free to withdraw your support if this is the case. No hard feelings, though I hope this is not true. Send me a private message with a link to your offering and I will be happy to delete it before February 14th when the auction begins.

I truly apologize to anyone who has been confused or angered by this decision but I hope we can do well by this charity and help people. If you have any questions please comment here. I appreciate your patience and your support of this community and this charity.


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